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Exchange House Youth Summer Programmes 2013

With the long dark winter days behind us and bright mornings on the horizon it was once again time for our annual summer programme meeting.

The Youth Service Team at Exchange House had the diaries and pens at the ready.  It was all systems go throughout the brainstorming session with dates and suggestions form the young people being listened to. As with every year there were some extravagant places suggested such as Disneyland, swimming with dolphins and an away trip to Spain. But after a few hours the Youth Service Team managed to plan and book 6 structured weeks of what is hoped to be fun filled 6 weeks with numerous activities, thoroughly enjoyed by all the young people.

The summer projects will run from the 1st July up until mid-August.  The aim is to target 160 young Traveller people All young people from all of the youth groups associated with Exchange House are offered a week of fun and educational programmes.  This will give the youths an opportunity to build confidence while continuously learning in areas like leadership, Community Development, communications, survival skills, social and work ethic skills.  This year the Youth Service at Exchange House will also incorporate a residential trip to the ever popular Teach Chaoimhin, Gendalough. While the youths are continuously learning in an informal way throughout the summer programmes  this trip is aimed at rewarding the young people for their hard work and determination in school.

Here’s hoping for sunny days and an enjoyable 6 weeks had by all. Keep your eye out for our follow up article and lots of great photos of our Summer Programmes 2013.

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