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Children and Young Peoples' Service

William McDonagh Children and Young Peoples' Service Manager
Sally Flynn Youth Worker
Jimmy Maughan Youth Worker
Thomas McDonnell Youth Worker
Emma Parsons Youth Worker
Patrick Stokes Youth Worker
Julie McDonagh Coordinator St. Oliver’s Park After-School
Anne Marie Stokes Assistant St. Oliver’s Park After-School
Maggie Wall Coordinator Labre Park After-School
Karen Maher Assistant Labre Park After-School
Maggie Maloney Assistant Labre Park After-School
Geraldine McDonagh Assistant Labre Park After-School

Education and Training Service

Cathleen McDonagh Clark Education and Training Service Manager
Mary McDonagh CE Scheme Supervisor
Erica McEvoy LTI Coordinator
Lorraine O'Connor LTI Assistant Coordinator
Rosemary Kinahan LTI Assistant Coordinator

Family Support and Crisis Intervention Service

Kevin Kelly Family Support & Crisis Intervention Service Manager
Cristín O'Brien Social Worker
Caroline Boyle Social Worker
Amanda Clarke Family Support Worker
Jules McDonagh Resource & Information Officer
Caroline O'Reilly Addiction Counsellor
Barry Murphy Addiction Counsellor
Johnny Maughan Accommodation Officer

National Traveller Mental Health Service

John O'Brien National Traveller Mental Health Service Manager
John Paul Collins Mental Health Promotion & Suicide Prevention Men's Worker
Maria Carnicer National Training & Development Co-ordinator
Rory O'Carroll Mental Health Social Worker
Rebecca Dunne Family Support Worker & Counsellor


Kevin Burn Chief Executive Officer
Simon Finnegan Finance Manager
Richard Kennedy Human Resource Mananger
Caroline Anglim Maintenance Worker

Community Employment Scheme

Celine Collins
David Collins
Winnie Collins
Joshua Donoghue
Maryanne Doran
Darren Hand
William Lawrence
David McDonagh
Martin McDonagh
Peter McDonagh
Ann Melanie McDonnell
Anthony O'Donnell
Martin O'Donnell
Michael O'Donnell
Michael O'Donnell
Michael O'Donnell
Tommy O'Donnell
Michael Reilly
Catriona Stokes
Kieran Stokes
Michael Stokes
Shania Stokes
Thomas Stokes







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