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Exchange House National Travellers Service & NTSAP

In 2012 the National Traveller Suicide Awareness project went out for tender and was awarded to Exchange House National Travellers Service, where the aim remains to work with Travellers to reduce the suicide rate within their community. In October 2012 the NTSAP moved to Exchange House.

Due to the rising number of Travellers taking their own lives, early 2004 saw the beginning of the National Traveller suicide Awareness Project.  With the support of The Parish of the Travelling Community, Crosscare, and National and local Traveller groups, a working group was formed. Its purpose was to develop a culturally appropriate plan to address the issue of suicide within the Traveller community.

In 2006 the National Office for Suicide Prevention funded a full time worker for a National Suicide awareness Project.  A review highlighted the need to further develop work with Traveller men and in 2011 two male workers were funded to work specifically with Traveller men on mental health & suicide prevention and awareness issues.

The project acts as a resource to Traveller organizations and suicide related services raising awareness on the issue of suicide by promoting the development of initiatives which support suicide prevention intervention and post vention in a coordinated way, and in so doing reduce the rate of  attempted and completed suicide in the Traveller community

The NTSAP in partnership with Exchange House National Travellers Service will roll out training nationally in 2013 to Traveller men across Ireland. They will be trained to spot the signs of poor mental health in others and provide routes to appropriate services for people in crisis. The aim of the training programme is to enhance the other work of the project and contribute to the reduction of suicide in the Traveller community.

For further information on the NTSAP please contact:

Penelope Moore

Family Support Services Manager


Phone: 01 8721094

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