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Excitiing developments on Exchange House Community Employment programme

Some of the CE participants at Exchange House National Traveller Service are due to start internal and external work placements in January.

In preparation for these work placements participants have been learning workplace skills in relation to timekeeping, attendance and workplace rights and responsibilities. Places have been sourced both in Exchange House and with outside sponsors. The places are in the areas of mental health, administration, accommodation, retail and sports and leisure.

Outside sponsors are other community sector organisations and charities who need support in order to carry out important work in the community. The role of the CE worker is more important now than ever to address the gaps in services created by recent budget cuts. The outside sponsor gains a worker and the CE Participant gains valuable real-life work experiences. The placements also offer participants a chance to try out different jobs in order to explore future career options.

Michael James Collins a CE participant at Exchange House has taken a placement with the NTSAP (National Traveller Suicide Awareness Project) workers based in Exchange House. He will be providing administration support, event planning, web site services, social media admin and network building. Michael is looking forward to lending his experience, gained through his volunteer work in the past couple of years, to the project while learning new skills.

Check back in January for further updates 

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