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Sunia Geel 2 Domestic Violence: Exchange House Responds

The Sunia Geel 2 project has been running since March 2013. Exchange House are the lead partner of this EU funded project and are working in partnership with organisations from Italy, Austria, Germany and Romania.

Sunia Geel 2 aims to provide a framework to reduce violence against women and children of marginalised ethnic communities and ensure that their needs for safety and support are met.

Domestic violence response programmes over the years have mainly focused on woman and child safety. While this must remain a priority, there is very little in terms of a response to perpetrators. What happens to the male perpetrating this violence?

As part of SG2 we aim to create a response programme for this group. In Ireland there are a number of services working specifically with male perpetrators of domestic violence.

In November six focus groups were held with service providers. Following on from this a domestic violence programme will be developed and rolled out by Exchange House. 

Seeking an effective and sustainable solution to the problem of men’s violence against intimate partners involves recognising the issue and addressing it as a problem. This cannot be undertaken without including concerted efforts to engage violent men.

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