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"It takes Two!":Exchange House, Tandem Now Recruiting Participants

Tandem Now is a project funded by the EU which is being co-ordinated by Exchange House National Travellers Service in Ireland.

Exchange House is working in partnership with other organisations from countries including Austria, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Turkey. The project which is focused on a blended mentoring programme is two fold. It provides training to voluntary mentors and facilitates the mentoring programme between the mentors and the mentors whilst providing support and resources as needed. It recruits both mentors and mentees from minority groups, in the case of Ireland; the Traveller community.

The mentors are selected based on their experience and qualifications as a professional in their respected careers. Mentors will come from a range of professions including youth workers, social workers, and those working in the field of education. They are provided with training which teaches them how to work as a mentor and engage with the young person they will be paired with. This programme provides an amazing opportunity for young Travellers who wish to pursue further studies and hopefully gain a profession in their chosen area. They will get to meet up with someone who has gone to college, attended training, worked in the area, and has relevant experience. They will get support, information and advice from someone who has experienced the work first hand and can prepare them for what they will face along their journey. It also provides them with the opportunity to have a role model who they can look up to and use as motivation for facing the hard work they will encounter along the way.

This is something exciting and innovative which will bring people from the Traveller community together who are from different backgrounds, different generations, and have different stories to tell. They will make new friends, network, and gain valuable experience as either a mentor or a mentee.

In the next two months Exchange House will be recruiting mentors and mentees for the programme from a range of different professions. Mentors who sign up will attend a free training programme and be paired up with their mentor in the coming months. If you are interested in the programme or know someone who might be suitable please contact Dearbháil or Emma in Exchange House on 01 872 1094.

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