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Continued Success for Exchange House Stay in Schools programme

Exchange House youth services has started back with our stay in schools programmes.

We are delighted to announce that we are now in a new school in Balinteer. That brings the total up to fourteen schools in Dublin in which Exchange House Youth Service run the stay in school programmes.

The stay in school program was initially started to support the transfer of young Travellers from primary to secondary school and to complete state exams. As part of this we would visit the schools every week and track their attendance and behaviour.

At present we have a number of young people transferring from primary to secondary schools. The transfer rate is continually improving and the programme continues to be a great success. The programme is not free of some challenges and bumps along the way but the success story outweighs these. Last month we supported another two young men to find a new school, a life centre to continue their education. We also continue to work with the parents, schools, school completion officer, teachers and principals in relation to the programme. This enables us to continue the success of the programme.

At the moment stay in schools programme have some young Travellers studying for their junior cert exams. We also a number of our young people in line to receive the education achievement award from Exchange House. We believe that these young Traveller's are role models for the next generation of young Travellers and that this generation coming up will continue in their education also. With the continuing support of the Exchange House Youth Servic, the stay in schools programs, schools and the help of these role models we have confidence that these student will pass their state exams.

For further information on the stay in schools programmes please contact: Tel: +353 1 8721094 or info@

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